Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Destination of the month becomes photo of the .. er .. day

We used to have a destination of the month on the frontpage. It didn't change every month, though. I think Tallinn won the cherished trophy three months running. Congrats to our friends in the Baltics. There wasn't anything that special about the destination of the month, either. It was just a place we had covered quite well and that had a nice picture.

So we decided to use that space differently. Using flickrs tagging service we handpick nice photos that are uploaded on a daily basis and we publish a feed of it that is spliced with the feed of this blog. Now we decided to use that feed to change the destination of the month into a photo of the day. We don't promise it changes every day, but you will see very regular updates.

You may notice that the caption still reads 'featured destination,' so we've added some additional info on the destination the photo depicts and a link.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

New Contribution Guidelines

As many of you might know I've been World66 chief moderator for a couple of months now. In this period I realized that World66 needed a few, basic rules in order to give more consistency to our collection of travel guides. That's why I wrote the World66 "Manual of Style", a brief list of simple "dos & donts" which should make life easier for everybody :-)

Another big problem we are dealing with is spam. Uh, spam in a wiki? Sound strange, but it often happens that people who own a business (a hotel, a website, a restaurant etc..) write commercial-like articles with the only purpose of promoting their activity. In most of the cases they don't know they should't write promotional articles so I wanted to make it clear with this Business Owners Guidelines. If you run a business and want to write an article on World66 about it, please, please, please, read them before. Both you and World66 will save a lot of time and money.

Of course comments and suggestion are welcome.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

New editing interface

We have updated the editing interface and we hope it is easier to use. One of the new features is that it is easier to linke to other articles than before. It also works better with Firefox. Until now Firefox users had to know some basic HTML (which they mostly do) to edit on w66. Now they can use a WYSIWYG-interface.

In the new setup we also try to make it clearer that you shouldn't submit copyrighted materiel (which happens and for us it is hard to find out that it actually is) that you shouldn't just write a commercial write-up promoting your business, and that you should respect the work of other editors.

We hope you like it!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Faster than before

Last night World66 moved to a new server, which means we are faster than before. See for yourself.

Over the last few months traffic to world66 has risen quite fast, which of course makes us happy, but it also meant that the old server was no longer quite up to the job. So we had to say goodbye. The old server is now serving websites that require less hard work than world66.