Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Better 404 (and 403)

Okay, it's not a major improvement, but we still like to mention it: we have made new error pages. Try going to and you see what we mean (thanks Mark Karstad for letting us use the photo!)

For pages that are password protected we have a nice access denied (403) photograph.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Letters to

I get a lot of letters, I mean snail-mail letters, from people who have stayed at Hotel Ajanta and want to tell me how great it was.

I have contacted Hotel Ajanta to tell them they can save on stampage - direct their guest directly to our online travel guide and do a write-up on the hotel. They have picked up the suggestion and added some stuff. Our editorial staff has removed some of the more outspoken commercial bladibla, and you can find the hotel in our database and their guest can use the rating system to rate it, or rewrite the texts so that it matches their experience.

Funny thing is: the letters keep coming. Got two by mail yesterday...