Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Destination of the month becomes photo of the .. er .. day

We used to have a destination of the month on the frontpage. It didn't change every month, though. I think Tallinn won the cherished trophy three months running. Congrats to our friends in the Baltics. There wasn't anything that special about the destination of the month, either. It was just a place we had covered quite well and that had a nice picture.

So we decided to use that space differently. Using flickrs tagging service we handpick nice photos that are uploaded on a daily basis and we publish a feed of it that is spliced with the feed of this blog. Now we decided to use that feed to change the destination of the month into a photo of the day. We don't promise it changes every day, but you will see very regular updates.

You may notice that the caption still reads 'featured destination,' so we've added some additional info on the destination the photo depicts and a link.


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