Tuesday, December 21, 2004

New: PDF travel guides for free

We have just uploaded a new section to replace the old shop. We call it Take-away and you can use it to download complete guides in PDF format. Print them out and take them with you or put them in you PDA or phone - whatever you use to read PDFs.
The good news is: the PDF's are completely free and licensed under our CC-license. So go ahead: they are al yours.

The PDF's leave some space open for notes and we hope that you will use the space to jot down things you find wrong or missing and add those things as soon as you are back online.

The guides we offer now are:

AmsterdamPretty complete and up to date
BarcelonaGood, but needs some updating.
BerlinLots of info, some outdated.
BrusselsGood, but needs some updating.
BudapestGood, but needs some updating.
CairoGood, but needs some updating.
FlorenceOkay, but needs some updating.
Hong KongOkay, but needs some updating.
LisbonOkay, but needs some updating.
Los AngelesLots of info.
MadridOkay, but needs some updating.
New YorkNot very good, needs complete overhaul.
ParisGood, but needs some updating.
PragueGood, but needs some updating.
Rio de JanieroOkay, but needs some updating.
RomeGood, but needs some updating.
SingaporeGood, but needs some updating.
SydneyNot our best guide, so give us a hand!
TokyoLots of info but may need update.
VenicePretty nice, we think.
ViennaOkay, but needs some updating.

BelgiumPretty good
KazakhstanSurprise destination!
KenyaRather complete, but some parts may need updating
MoroccoQuite complete, but help us make it better
MadagascarSurprise destination!
NetherlandsA biggie, more than 1 MB of info on this small country.
NorwayGood but with some white spots
RussiaRussia is big - we try to keep up.
SwitzerlandGood on the cities, weak on countryside
ThailandQuite good, we think.

We know there are many more excellent guides on World66 and we will continue to add new guides to the list. Please let us know which new ones you would like us to add and we can start with those.

The Take-away page also contains a link to the XHTML guide, you can use to browse World66 on you phone. For most visitors of the site this mobile version of the World66 travel guide is new - but as a follower of our blog you already new this service.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

About us

We have updated some of the texts in the about section. We felt the old texts didn't make clear what we are about and why we run world66. It all sounded too much like we were just another business on the internet, while in fact we run an amazing open content project. Every time I go through the recent changes on world66 the whole thing amazes me: travelers on all continents are adding stuff about where they've been and what they've done and they are making world66 what it is: the most complete open content travel guide online.

At the same time we are making important changes to the site. You may have noticed that there is no longer a shop-tab on the site. You can still reach the old shop if you want, but that's also temporary. We are getting rid of it completely and will be replacing it by something better. A lot better because everything in it will be free.

So is this yet another "we're not evil company". I guess it is. But with a difference. We're no billionaires, either.