Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Travel guides for the iPod

Just read about Slice's Pizza guide for the iPod, the piPod. Great concept, funny name. Might be interesting option to look at for the world66 take away travel guides as well.

With the help of a PhP script provided by the people at Ambience, I have made a Amersfoort travel guide for the iPod. It's just a test to see if it works. Why Amersfoort you will ask- because I live there and it's a pretty nice town in the centre of the Netherlands. It's the only place I know where the traffic lights do not only show guys crossing the street but also proud women!

Download either the ZIP and UnZip it. Plug your iPod into your computer. When it shows up on screen, locate the "Notes" folder within it. Simply drag the piPod folder into the Notes folder. Easy as pie!.


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