Friday, November 19, 2004

Have smartphone, will travel

Back in 1997 when we first started discussing about an open content travel guide, one thing was very clear to us: in the future travel guides would be used on digital devices. So, one of the first services we launched when we set up the site was a Avantgo channel to get travel info. It worked fine, but when Avantgo changed their business model (they wanted us to pay although the channel was for free) we stopped promoting it.

Later with the help of our friends at Plucker, we developed standalone Palm guides, which you could install on your Palm and use while you were away. We still have those, but they're not as fresh as we would like them to be.

Recently, we have been busy working on a version of World66 that can be browsed by phones as well as other devices. The news is: we have a beta version of World66 in XHTML

We would like to invite you to test drive it. You can find it at:

Alternatively, you can use:

Which doesn't contain images.

One of the cool features the XHTML guide has, is that when you start, it looks up your IP number and automatically brings you the travel guide of the country where you are. In most cases, that's what your will be looking for, isn't it?

Since this is in Beta, we would appreciate it very much if you could send us feedback on how you fared. Please include the country you were in when browsing, the phone you used and the browser you had on that phone.

Maybe there are also some people using Avantgo who want to test whether you can use the XHTML-guide as a custom channel. It should work, I think.


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