Thursday, March 24, 2005

New Contribution Guidelines

As many of you might know I've been World66 chief moderator for a couple of months now. In this period I realized that World66 needed a few, basic rules in order to give more consistency to our collection of travel guides. That's why I wrote the World66 "Manual of Style", a brief list of simple "dos & donts" which should make life easier for everybody :-)

Another big problem we are dealing with is spam. Uh, spam in a wiki? Sound strange, but it often happens that people who own a business (a hotel, a website, a restaurant etc..) write commercial-like articles with the only purpose of promoting their activity. In most of the cases they don't know they should't write promotional articles so I wanted to make it clear with this Business Owners Guidelines. If you run a business and want to write an article on World66 about it, please, please, please, read them before. Both you and World66 will save a lot of time and money.

Of course comments and suggestion are welcome.


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